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We have been in business since 1993 and are a Family run business with ties to local manufacturing. We know how important it is to keep business flowing efficiently and our service to to a high mark.

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Measuring Pallets

Always measure the STRINGER LENGTH first.
The Stringer is the 2×4 shaped lumber.
The second dimension is the BOARD.

Our Services

  • Pallet Sales: Call us for your Wood Pallet needs. We carry a wide variety of pallets and many sizes. We can also custom make a pallet to your specific needs.

  • Disposal: Our rates are about half of any other waste disposal services.
    If you have separated 48×40 pallets in good condition then call for a quote for us to come pick them up and earn a credit, or you can bring them to us and we will pay you at our yard.

We provide Discarded Pallet REMOVAL Services, Wood Recycling, and Pallet Disposal.