Pallet Sales, Wood Recycling, Pallet Disposal Maryland & Delaware


We provide many types and sizes of pallets for you to choose from, most facilities use a 48×40 GMA size pallet with 4 way cut outs. We also have access to 48×48, 36×42, 42×42 and 40×48. Please specify which you would prefer when calling. Please refer to the drawing for details and descriptions.

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We do provide a pallet disposal service for those odd-size and junk pallets that need to be removed. Pricing starts at $85 for a local small truck to a 26′ box truck at $275.  (Additional costs are accrued beyond local). Please email or call for a quote, I will need location, type, and quantity to be picked up.


We can arrange to have our can dropped at your site for any type of wood disposal. We have 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and 40 cubic yard cans for use. Pricing starting at $150.

We provide Discarded Pallet REMOVAL Services, Wood Recycling, and Pallet Disposal in Baltimore MD Area, Delaware, and the Maryland Eastern Shore.

A NOTE ON PLASTIC – WE DO NOT SELL, BUY OR TRADE IN PLASTIC PALLETS. Please contact the owner of the plastic usually found on the side of the pallet and call them directly for your needs.