Wood Pallet Recycling Baltimore, Maryland, Delaware, Eastern Shore MD

We provide pallet pickup service for any odd size and discarded pallets as well as any wood recycling you need to take care of. We can provide a box truck, Van or Can to your site. Pricing varies but starts at $100 local for small pickups(less than 50 pallets) Box truck below is $275 LOCAL and holds up to 250 pallets. Additional fees apply for distance zipcodes. Please call or email for quote.

Minimum Pickup  $100 (less than 50 estimated)+ zipcode

Box Truck pickup $275 (holds 200-300 estimated regular size) +zipcode

53′ trailer pickup $465 (holds 500-600 estimated regular size)

Zipcode distance $0-150 additional (call for info)

Please remember the estimates for amount of pallets are only estimates based on a 40 inch pallet. ALL loads picked up are quoted based on the truck load capacity. If you have large pallets you will NOT be able to fit 200 of them on the box truck, but you will still owe for a box truck pickup.

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